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Reinvigorating Collaterals for a Nonprofit for the future

By November 14, 2018 No Comments

Nonprofits live and breathe on the generosity of their donor bases—but getting new donors proves challenging, especially when brand awareness runs low. Social Venture Partners (SVP) is an organization dedicated to amplifying the impact of those out to do good – connecting and supporting donors, nonprofits and social enterprises so we can make a greater impact together.

To reinforce SVP’s role in the local communities and increase awareness, a new focus was brought to their presentations and collaterals that were created with a purpose to garner more support and sponsorships. WIM partnered with SVP to increase engagement and make an impactful presence among local communities. The collaterals which included brochures, presentations and other sales assets were widely successful in supporting SVP’s efforts in the city.

SVP currently has over 40+ affiliates in 9 countries. It has over 3,400 partners and supports $70M to 900 capacity-supported nonprofits.

Services: Corporate Brochure, Newsletter and Corporate Presentations