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Giving a Sustainable Skill Development Program a Visual Identity

By November 14, 2018 No Comments

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in association with Pune City Connect (PCC) launched a “Lighthouse” project under the Sustainable Livelihood program. The project aims at addressing the issues of livelihood generation, by establishing centers known as Lighthouses. These centers are providing the underprivileged youth of Pune a chance to explore possibilities for enhancing their skills and pursuing a meaningful career.

WIM was asked to help create the visual brand and identity for the initiative. We developed a logo that identified the effort as the signature initiative and provided a visual representation of a Lighthouse that provides inspiration and guidance in the choppy sea of unemployment and poverty. We also established imagery guidelines that would convey the cultural and socio-economic diversity impacted by this issue as well as the work being done as a response to the initiative.

The Lighthouse project is running successfully all over the city of Pune. There are about 15 such centers’ in the city and the annual enrollment is about 1000 youth per centre.

Services: Logo, Visual Identity