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Giving the Enterprise that is Empowering the People of Abéné, a Digital Identity

By November 14, 2018 No Comments

Lighting Up Lives (LUL) work in partnership with the people of Abéné to help them create a brighter future for their village. They base their work on five pillars: education, energy, health, employment, and exchange. It is a brand that not only mobilizes investments but encourages the involvement of their benefactors to spur change. WIM helped articulate this vision both internally and externally for the organization.

After understanding the vision behind LUL, we determined that the primary aim would be to showcase their strength through real examples of their work. We used a series of videos to bring life to the work done by the organization, making it easy for everyone to understand the greater objectives. We developed an appropriate design to give expression to these stories and made adjustments to visual identity, introducing greater clarity and flexibility in expression.

Through the process, LUL developed a central website that they could successfully use to explain their efforts on a day-to-day basis. They now have a much clearer visual language and use it freely to promote itself on Social Media garnering visibility and attention that helps it grow their various initiatives exponentially.

The work is enabling LUL to better position itself with target audiences so that the team can carry on its ground-breaking work in Africa.

Services: Logo and Creation of a website