Brand Positioning to Drive Business Results

By November 14, 2018 No Comments

Sewa Beats wanted to grow beyond its regional heritage and establish itself as an organization that uses modern techniques infused with the traditions of other cultures to foster engagement and teaches new methods of communication and leadership. To increase its reach, the company needed to understand the perceptions around the corporate brand globally and then use this information to communicate a consistent story about the company.

WIM conducted a global quantitative research comparing the services of Sewa with its competitors as their offering was very niche. Using Digital Technologies and Social Listening methods, WIM was able to measure what mattered most to critical targets and how Sewa was performing in these areas relative to competitors. Our analysis also allowed us to prioritize key themes that Sewa could credibly convey to the market through their new website.

WIM identified vital attributes of importance for a diverse set of stakeholders for the brand to create a customized, global website for Sewa The communications platform highlights themes that matter most to these stakeholders and highlight the human journey behind the story. WIM is rolling out the new communications plan, allowing the company to establish a consistent corporate brand story, personality, and voice through social media and content marketing.

Services: Website development, Websites Management, Social Media Marketing, SEO.

Website: https://sewabeats.com