Precisely positioning a leader in the Meta-Start-Ups Universe

By November 14, 2018 No Comments

5F World is one of the leading companies in the start-up ecosystem, specializing in technology consulting, mobilizing investments and bridging the skills gap. With a commitment “to inspire a dozen flowers bloom,” 5F World’s leadership is determined to drive the start-up and skill enablement industry forward in a new and bold way, and the brand was the first visible step in that direction.

The new visual identity that we created communicates the brand’s new positioning, “5 values that power every sustainable enterprise,” with confidence, vibrancy, and simplicity.
Through the use of icons, images, and a restrained but bright color palette, the brand was immediately able to stand out from competitors. The new voice and messages cut through category clich├ęs. 5F World’s dynamic and global leadership is presented in a way that highlights its proven experience and leadership and its benefit for the people who need it most – entrepreneurs with a strong idea.

The brand identity continues to be an ice-breaker for the present sales team, often a conversation starter when prospects and customers enquire about the story behind the impactful visual identity, the story of their inception and the values it upholds.

Services: Brand Identity (logo), Website Development