Innovative Launch Plan using Social Media Marketing for Sign-Ups

By November 14, 2018 No Comments

Intrepid Kids is a gym exclusively created for children. The focus is to create a fitness routine for children through methods that are safe and fun. The objective of the enterprise is to apply the principles of joy and happiness in creating future achievers.

Intrepid Kids asked WIM to assist with the development of a global website through creative storytelling that would not only resonate with parents but also children from the age group of 6-13 years. The idea was to highlight the gym as a safe place for children to enjoy and explore the tenets of fitness and strength. The visual identity was thus created using three characters and tracing their journey into the world of fitness through their interests, likes, and dislikes. We also used the Social Media channels to highlight the launch of the center, equipment installation and the preparation for the launch of the event through multiple outreach platforms.

Very soon the three characters from the website became popular and well recognized. It created an immediate association with the brand and had a positive impact on Social Media. In a short while, the enterprise started developing traction and engagement on Social Media resulting in over 500+ page likes in less than two months, reaching over 32K people. The various outreach programs encouraged people to visit the website resulting in 600+clicks (in 3 weeks). Intrepid Kids propelled themselves in the fifth position amongst top kid’s gyms even before they were active.

Services: Branding, website, digital and print collateral, Visual design of the decals for the facility, Print and digital display banners for the mall, Email marketing, Facebook marketing